I woke up this morning with the sweet after taste of busy dreams. I dreamt of planting trees, lots of them. Flowering trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees....The neighbors started to cut a few of their trees down and Jay said to go get more trees for us to plant. It was euphoric. I woke with the smell of dirt still in my nose. This spring although a long time coming has been beautiful. Just the last week with the trees popping the bulbs blooming and the grass greening I have been filled with such happiness and content. Even the kids are happier and have a much more pleasant disposition. I was able to get back to a few projects today...Some mine and some not. Jay asked me to finish dethatching the grass and over seed the lawn before the rain started. There was just a small strip that had to be finished and I was happy to get outside early. Jay said the funniest thing last night as we were starting the dethatching project. When I offered to take a turn raking, he said something like "You are a woman and bear children I wouldn't want anything to happen to your ovaries." I just started laughing. He never brought up my ovaries when I moved and raked 14 tons of sand and a dump truck full of manure through our yard in prep for a lawn...? I did remember he has been doing a lot of thinking and reading on his role as a father, husband and provider (And It must be recorded that he is excellent at all of them) BUT I believe that was a line from a book he had read. Still it makes me laugh. I of course didn't drop the ovary thing and teased him the rest of the night with "ooohhh.....I think I just sprained my ovary" or a little later I would hand him the rake and say "Here ya go, my ovaries are tired" He laughed and even though I doubt he will say something like that again, given the context it was thoughtful in a way that only Jay can be. In my need to show that even though I have ovaries I got a little carried away and raked one of the sprinkler heads right off. I went to the sprinkler store to get a new head and came out with a head and a miss beefy's patty maker. The salesman was one of those who could go on and on about everything and just when your hand is on the door he draws ya right back in to see another invention or to give you another item for free. Once free I stopped by my favorite paint store to get some painters putty, I hear it works miracles..... I have almost finished my chair project. I think I will get a set of four completed tomorrow, the fifth one will have to wait till I order more nail head trim.

Alayna had preschool reading night and loved every minute of it. She was so big and I got a little sad. With Ashtyn she always followed directions, was very well behaved and I didn't have any idea of what I could worry about. With Alayna, She is such a free spirit and if she doesn't follow directions and gets in trouble her huge conscience is so tender....? We talked about following directions and I think she is ready and will do great, but I will still worry. She on the other hand is just excited to eat in the "Bacteria" (Cafeteria)

Ashtyn turned in her monologue and came home beaming. "Mrs Hall said that it was wonderful and was exactly what she wanted." The 4th graders put on a wax museum and the rest of the school comes to see. Because Ashtyn is in a 3/4 split she gets to participate in a lot of extra fun things. Ashtyn chose to be a wax version of my great grandma Sarah Ellsworth. She has to memorize her monologue telling who she is. I am excited to go see it.

Jacob is such a sweetheart. I love that boy. He is so happy and engaging. I keep thinking I want him to slow down and not get any bigger but the he does and he just gets cuter and more fun. Some of his favorite words (and thing) are Big truck, tractor, ka-chow (lightning mcqueen) nandy (candy). Stinka means he needs to be changed and calls for Layna all day. He still is a stinka when it comes to eating. He has yet to eat vegetables or meat? He love oatmeal, toast with cinnamon and sugar, cereal/fiber bars, pop tarts, cinnamon toast crunch, milk, cookies (especially pumpkin choc chip) What do I do???!!?
We just cut his hair and he looks like such a big boy, at first I was so sad, but he looks so cute with it cut so I decided not to let it grow back out ;)

BUT, his hair was so fluffy and angelic...it almost made him look like he had a halo.

Easter weekend was wonderful. We kicked if off by participated in the MS walk. A big woot-woot to all those who participated by both walking and donating. Click here for some great pictures. Then we came back to the house to dye eggs have a hunt and a yummy ham and potato dinner. The best part was having almost all my family there. Mom and Dad, Josie Blake and their 3 kids, Emily and Kennedy.


Wendy said...

Cute header! And great post. Hope all is well back home.

snakeriverwalton said...

I wish I could've walked with you guys- next year! (I think I said that last year too). Take care of your ovaries today, that Jay is a sensitive soul.

Emily Oman said...

It was such a fun weekend! Thanks for having us! I want you to make me a patty with your patty maker! Yum!

erica said...

Ha ha! I'm going to have to use that ovary line with Chris! It's so great to see updates on your cute family, I'm glad everyone's doing well!