Memorial Day

I don't know if we have ever stayed home for the memorial holiday? Although the original plans had us going anywhere from Vegas to Idaho, and then changed to Argyle Canyon where Jay's family Cabin is; I was so excited and grateful to be able to say NO to traveling this past weekend. We stayed and I enjoyed my yard, my home, my mountains, my kids, my husband and my friends.

We did a short 3/4 mile hike up to doughnut falls in Big Cottonwood canyon. It was beautifully sunny. Chilly enough for a jacket. Great fresh mountain air and the perfect hike for little legs. There was surprisingly a lot of snow, people and run off. I am not sure what I was expecting but our shoes got a little muddy. (Jay wore his newest under armour shoes) We stopped to eat our sandwiches in a little meadow with rocks and grass that was not too wet to sit on. It was so nice. I hope we will do more hiking this year. I am working on getting Jay to cross the Tetons, a hike I did a few years back, but this time in one day instead of two. (Less packing).

We buzzed Jacob's hair. He is such an adorable little (BIG) guy. He barely fit in the pack. Ashtyn rode in this until she was THREE! He loved the hike and continues to see if he can out run is mother, father and sisters.

A week or so ago, our date of the month was taking a grilling class. We learned a lot. Jay was so excited to use his new skills and made a wonderful dinner (and made up for the 18 holes of golf he played the day before after being gone recruiting the entire week. I am whinning but I was bummed)

Ribs that fell off the bone with a red pepper jam BBQ sauce (Thanks for the jam Amy)

yummy smoked, grilled brussel sprouts

Smoked granny apples with a vinegar and mustard sauce (I was so leery of this one but I crave it on a daily basis)

Smoked tomatoes, we decided would be best in a spinach salad with bacon and fresh mozzarella

And for dessert DUHN - DUHN - DUHN - DUUUUHN

Banana and nutella angel food cake sandwiches with ice cream and whipped cream. At the class the dude did it with the pound cake from Costco and I would use that over the angel food cake from now on. But still a fabulous finisher.

As I watch our summer calendar fill up and our summer evaporates before we even get there, I am glad to have kicked it off here at home. Hopefully it will entice us to stick around little more.....


snakeriverwalton said...

I just drooled all over my keyboard.

Sarah said...

me too. Can you come over and use your skills at our house?