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Hey there! A few weeks ago I was on the wives trip to Oregon and while at breakfast 'wife' Brandy was telling us all how she saves so much at the grocery store. She swore it was so easy with very little effort. She says she even has a food storage envied by the whole neighborhood. So great she feels she might have to protect it with firearms. She got my interest along with a few other wives and promised there was NOTHING to buy. She even did a post on her blog about it. Click HERE to see it.

This is strictly a FREE class how to do it and a FREE website to help. I don't do the "party" thing, so I made sure there is NOTHING to buy. I don't get any extra points, money or my coupons doubled if you come or not. I am just the location where she will come and show us how to effectively use coupons. (She does give you a discount on the newspaper --where the coupons are-- if you subscribe)

I know not everyone is interested in using coupons. I love the idea but am skeptical of the work/effort involved. I am most interested because afterwards she told me all the fun things she spent her excess grocery budget on and I want to buy a camera like Brandy's. If you have any questions give me a call and hopefully I will see you soon, even if it is not Tuesday night ;)

Come Learn How To Feed a Family of 4 for $180 a month!
When: Tuesday October 20 at 8 pm
Where: Sara Hills House
RSVP: Sara Hill

Shop at only 1 store – no running around town!Buy all of your family’s groceries, household, and personal care items (including diapers) all for about $180 a month for a family of four – while building a massive food storage at the same time!NO clipping and filing individual coupons! Very quick and easy! A HUGE way to save money!Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and have ease in meal planning!FREE WEBSITE and FREE CLASS – there is no cost to attend and no cost to use the website! What could your family do with hundreds extra every month? Bring friends! Thanks!

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