Where have you been?

So it has been a while...but I have excuses and a lot of them. Last night I tried to upload Ashtyn's piano recital (3 songs; 7 minutes) and after 4 hours and 37 minutes I canceled it and turned off the computer. A few weeks ago my computer got a virus and is sooooo slooooowwww! So no video or pictures for another month or so til I can get a new computer.

So what have we been up to? Football season started, I have some cute pictures of the kids at the USU game, I managed to sneak in a little Tupperware sand box in with his tractors for the 4th quarter. It was just what he needed to finish out the game without major meltdown. The following week we drove to CA to visit Ben (big bro) and attend the San Jose game. We lived it up in Turlock hitting TJ Maxx, Marshalls and the neighborhood park. As always absolutely loved hanging with Emily (SIL, get to know her here) Ben loved having his sisters come and "mess up" his house, tease and goose him. And just for fun we took the kids to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and beach. Again maybe I will get pics and video up another day.

For UEA weekend we went to Amy's cabin for some desperately needed R&R. I was not sure I wanted to get in the car again, and it always seems to be more work getting there....BUT I am so glad to have gone. All of us were husbandless due to their careers so it was Mama time. Chick flicks, scrabble, scatagories, canasta, dancing, music, hikes/walks, makeovers, chocolate licorice, square ice cream...i could go on, but if you want to see pictures, including the beautiful fall colors that were breathtaking, you can Click HERE and HERE. The first weekend in June I was coming home from a family deal in Idaho. It was a very rainy weekend. 30 miles from home we hydroplaned on I-15, and totaled my car. No major injuries but something I never want to experience again. On the way home from this UEA cabin retreat it rained and rained. I had told Amy I was not going if it was going to rain. BUT having to get back on the exact same road with all the same sounds of rain and smells of rain and feelings was traumatic. (Something I would have never guessed would affect me like that?) A hurdle I was going to have to jump sometime. I was so grateful to have Wendy there to help me. Had she not been there I would have pulled over to the side of the road, cry and wait for the rain to stop. Thank you Wendy!
Last week was the CO State game and was able to visit Grandma Kern. This month one year ago, Grandpa passed on. At the cabin this past summer his spirit was so missed, yet still felt somewhere in the trees. It was good to visit with Grandma and wish I could visit more often. The other part of the weekend was spent with Aunt Holly, trying to figure out why sometimes she is Holly and other times Aunt Holly.

This week we play UNLV and Jay wanted us to go, but after being away every weekend (minus the 2 home games) since the beginning of August, it was high time to just stay home, hike to donut falls, paint the table black, take out the lilacs bushes, clean up the garden beds and yard, plant some bulbs, hang the tv, enjoy our visitors (SIL Tara) watch the game..........

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Wendy said...

You amaze me!
Great post and I'm glad I was there during your hurdle. You would have made it without me, you are incredibly strong and courageous!
Great catch up post! I'm excited to save ton's of money on my groceries next week!