Man! January was a hard month! I do not love this month!
I have a great time having Jay home for new years
just to send him off recruiting for the entire month,
then to add the inversion, yucky weather, cold air,
snow, street crud on the car, I could go on......
Each January brings me many yucky feelings
mostly sad or mean. I get ornery. No patience. No giggles.
Just bugged.
I even tried to trick myself by changing the calendar 3 days early.
Didn't work.

Alayna on the other hand did just the opposite.
The second we had sun she took full advantage of it.
She had a friend over for a picnic.
They filled their bags and took their blankets
and stuffed toys for a lovely picnic in the warmth of the
January 28th sun.

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Wendy said...

I just gave you a SUNSHINE award. Maybe it will help?