What I Love About Jays Job...

It is not always easy to love Jays job. There are days I really wish.....(well its not important what I wish for today...) But then there are the days or weeks that are wonderful. Since being at Utah (12 years) we have been able to go to a bowl games 9 times.

This year was San Diego Pre-Christmas!
Which meant we could go have a fun vacation (in the sun). I don't know who loves Sea World more Jay or the Kids. I love how happy Jay get at places like Sea World and Disney World.

One days Jay had practice so Venda and I took the kids to Lego Land. That place amazes me. They have lots of fun rides (and lines) but the stuff they can make out of Legos / Duplos is fantastic. Jacob had a hard time in the mini cities. The cars and trucks were so enticing and the 12 inch fence that wasn't really a fence at all was not enough to hold him back. The weather was beautiful, one rainy, windy morning but mostly sun and clear skies. (no inversion)

One morning I walked into the Ashtyn's and Alayna's room and she was sitting on the window with the curtains drawn (to keep it dark so Ashtyn could sleep in) watching the boats, wind and looking at all the other towering hotels. She said she couldn't sleep and had been there a while. You could tell she was in a magical place soaking it all in. I quietly left to let her enjoy it longer.

A Pre-Christmas bowl means we still get to see family and fulfill cabin traditions that mean so much to us. The game was at 5pm PT the 23rd. We got on the plane after the game, flew home to a dead battery got in bed at 4:45 a.m. Jay was up at 7am to get snowmobiles and groceries. We were on the road to the cabin Christmas Eve by 1 and made it for a wonderful clam chowder dinner. Chad and Emily had cut down a tree off our lot and it was the cutest tree ever. I was so happy they had it all ready.

Unfortunately their was not a whole lot of snow which made for less snowmobiling and more trips to the sled shop for parts... :( the kids love the little sleds and got pretty good and the track Chad made for them.

Our anniversary is Dec. 27th. As crazy as December is, it is always the last thing on our mind or schedule. This year we were able to squeeze in dinner with Jeff and Jenny who's Anni is the 28th (as well as Jason and Nicole who were not in ID with us). Mom and Dad were so gracious to watch ALL 6 kids while we had wonderful food and conversation. Jeff and Jenny are such great company. This year for our 12th anniversary I gave Jay a 12 month calendar (and NO, its not that kind...). One day I'll post a few of the pics....

Anniversary dinner with Hills (MAN!! I look so tired....)

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snakeriverwalton said...

you never did tell me how that calendar turned out. I'll ask you in person!