I love Jacob and Alayna's relationship. She is determined to love his guts out. Similar to this retro cartoon character from my elementary days.

If you don't know who Elmira is just watch this clip....It is Alayna in character. She loves to use big words, loves to love (her way) and loves to decide what you (Jacob) wants to play, wear, look like etc....

Tiny Toons - Elmyra Safari Jungle

Heaz | MySpace Video

Alayna loves to make Jacob and others happy. (or what she thinks will make Jacob happy) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to see her desire to make others happy and in return make her self happy. It is a genuine desire on her part. It just happens that not all involved experience the same emotions. Because of her exuberance,aggressiveness and full steam attitude those on the receiving end (many times Jacob, Kennedy and Millie) have the same reaction as the jungle animals in the above cartoon.

With that description documented, it needs to be revealed...
Her kindness and thoughtfulness is maturing and developing
into lovely thoughts and gestures.
She loves to tell me how much she loves me and other
family members many times a day.
She is getting really good at sharing any treat, toy or prize with Jacob.
She gets grandma a tissue when she has tears.
So the days of Elmira are beginning to dwindle.....
(BUT not yet gone...)

Alayna loves to draw and color. She has a fantastic nack for looking at something and being able to draw it. Here is one she drew for Jacob. He was sad and she thought he would love to see Spider Man.


Emily Kern said...

I love that little girl! I have a couple Elmyras myself!!

Rudy Rukus said...

That is so cute! Bless her for trying if everyone would try that hard then it would be a nicer place to live right?