What do I look like?

Most Sundays, Jay goes to his 8 or 8:30 am meetings while I get the monkeys ready for church and usually walk in during the opening hymn. This past week was no different. But when I sat down Jay got a smirk and gave a little giggle as he said "you look like Sara today" of course I was confused....Who else would I look like? He left it at "I like it." ?? Good, I guess????

Now I am left to wonder what is it that makes me look like me?
Was is the purple paisly tights with suede peep toe booties?
Was it the the kimono style hooded sweater?
or maybe the high pony tail and big earings
Maybe it was the glow and grin from having him home and to myself all weekend?
I guess whatever it is, I'm glad he liked it?


Hillary said...

You always look so cute no matter what. I'm sure the glow and grin of having him to yourself all weekend was a big part of it.

Emily Kern said...

I like your Sara style too! I could NEVER pull off what you can!! One more reason to love you...

Rudy Rukus said...

Very funny. I think you always look like you but dudes are funny. Jeff says that kind of stuff all the time. Must be a football thing haha!

jengyrl said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT! Yes - I agree, there is only one SARA and we love you!