What is there to do in Victor ID? Ice skating!

"Hey Dad! This is going to be so fun!"
He was so excited to get on his "roller skates"

After 30 minutes of trying to skate, Jacob found this to be the way to go.
"Fast Fast!"
Just about everyone in our party got a turn racing him around the rink

Alayna got to a slow start.....

but once she got hold of the chair she was skating like pro....

Ashtyn got the hang of it pretty quick and was able to skate away from the walls.

Such a pretty girl!

By the end her fanny was a little sore, but well worth the fun time spent with cousins.

Jay managed to pick up on a few chicks.....I guess he's still got it

With a little work....like, uuhh getting our legs up at the same time? We should be ready for the 2022 Olympics

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