What's that smell?

There is a poster advertisement I see every time I walk up the stairs to the cardio level at 24 hour fitness. Every time I see it I get a smile and have to roll my eyes because of the ridiculousness of it. BUT the giggle and smile comes from irony of the short gym rat
(guy who spends too much time in front of a 25 foot long mirror
with a couple barbell attached to his forearms
as if they were his hands)

who might just try it after they work out in hopes of gaining an inch or more....? It makes me laugh every time.


The other day I got in the car to run Ashtyn to a friends house and she said "Mom, mmmm, you smell good where are you going?" .....long pause...... "You smell like you're going somewhere?"

My response,
"I showered Ashtyn, just showered....."

I guess I should shower more....or actually just earlier in the day.....
But I have excuses....
I just can't escape to a warm 15 minutes of cleansing therapy while that boy is left on his own.... There is just no telling what he will do next....?

...he can lock and unlock every door in our house, including the exterior doors. The portal to his freedom. And although the cold and snow has deterred him from escaping the past few months, the days are getting warmer and he is getting more mischievous. Just yesterday he was in the neighbors back yard (again.....)
He also loves the toilet. When we returned from the Dentist (a happy and successful visit) it wasn't long before he had flushed his new pooh bear toothbrush and toothpaste down the toilet. I found him wet up to his elbow trying to get it back. (Eeew!)

Confession: I was thoroughly disgusted when
nephew Zach put pacifiers and action figures
down the toilet
and so much money went to the plumber for retrieval.
I even said to myself "My kid will never....."

I am hoping that was the last of the "MKWN....." because I am getting really tired of my kids doing everything I knew they wouldn't!

As for the smell....Well I don't want (or need) to smell taller. I just need to smell like I'm going somewhere.....

Post script:
When my dad was on an lds mission (to Finland) He was sent a small jar with some sagebrush sprigs inside. He opened it and was overcome with the smell. It was beautiful; familiar. 15 years later, he made a cologne to capture that smell..."Centennial Sage" He even found an old apothecary formula for sagebrush shampoo. If I remember right it was an Indian Formula?
He sold it at Christmas and trade shows.
I love that smell.....


Wendy said...

I see that sign too and can't help but conjure up a tall sweating smelly gym guy. Like right off the basket ball court. It does not make me want to run out and buy this for MY guy!!

Rudy Rukus said...

I love how sagebrush smells after the rain. It is a smell I will always love! Jeff told me last night that I smelled really clean. Seriously we have the same stuff going on at our houses haha!

CrazyinIdaho said...

I had to laugh at this post. Because every morning when Sam gets up and I am dressed in workout close, he has to "sniff" me to see if I have already run or if I still need to run. As this will determine how he spends his morning. I often get "Ah mom, you don't smell like you ran yet!"

Anthony said...

I had no idea your dad served in Finland. When? Small, small world! As far as the longing for 15 minutes of shower therapy, I take my tiny terror into the shower with me. That way I know exactly what he's getting into and I can enjoy a shower. I've been pee'd on numerous times but at least it washes off easier! Boys are just plain trouble!