Uuhg! Taxes.....

I do NOT love this time of year!
and yes I mean everyone
is so ready for spring
but it is no where to be found.

I have to do our taxes.....

It has NEVER been an aspiration of mine to become an accountant. I know that it is one of the many hats you wear as a wife and mother, but it is NOT a flattering hat on me.
My mind gets so fried making sure all gets entered right and I have all the documentation so when (not if,) I get audited (3 years and counting), I fix it?

This is also the time of year Jay tells me how much other coaches and friends are getting in their return. It shouldn't bug me but it does. I know he is grateful I do them but I tell him I feel like he is comparing my measly associate degree with the skills of a certified tax accountant. Uugh! the pressure....But once they are done, I feel so much better and money in the bank is so validating.....A job would be fun.....but for me staying home and being a mother is where, without a doubt, I am supposed to be. Validation for that is right here


Rudy Rukus said...

Why torture yourself? We have a great tax guy. Of course we still pay every year but whatever!

katie t said...

ps....loved catching up and LOVED your jerry seinfeld olympic spot...in fact...i stole it over to mine! lol

and pss

I MISS YOU!!!! xoxo lets do lunch and isn't bout that for the MS WALK???