A whole DECADE!

Ashtyn turns 10!

This year was a big marker for #1. She turned 10 years old.
January 20th She had a swimming party with her friends

and a quiet family party on the real day January 24th.
She picked spaghetti for her dinner and got a new alarm clock that plays her i-pod. A fashion Barbie from Alayna and a petshop from Jacob.

Her friends were so kind and thoughtful and gave her wonderful gifts.

I love that Emily is close enough to come help me with birthday parties. I couldn't pull them off with out her help and moral support. Jacob and Kennedy loved her swimming party and after Emily and I had gone up and down the big slide a dozen times decided to let them go alone. They loved it.

So in honor of making it to the BIG 1- OH! She is going to write 10 great things about being a TEN YEAR OLD ASHTYN.

1. I'm double digits.
2. A little taller
3. Big enough to babysit.
4. Get an I-pod.
5. To do more grownup things(Service Projects etc.)
6. It feels awesome!
7.Help organize projects like Rachel and I do for our school.
8. Do my own hair.
9. Being a member of the church for two years.
10.And last but not lest just being myself.

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Rudy Rukus said...

Wow that seems so old! Hope she had a very happy Birthday!