I have a SECRET....

Today we are leaving for Las Vegas. It is Jay's spring break, which never falls the same week as Murray School District spring break, but none the less, a week with Jay. Ya-hoo!

Some of Jay's favorite places include Disney World and Las Vegas.....
I know, a great place eh? (insert eye roll)

When in Vegas, we like to stay at the
Mandalay Bay

located at the end of the chaos/strip. And you don't have to walk through the casino to get to your room/pool/dining etc...It has amazing views and an even more amazing pool

With sand, waves, lazy river, stage, cabanas..... A perfect place to relax with the kids while Jay is busy recruiting...

The girls also love staying at the Excalibur, for obvious reasons...who doesn't love a castle?

But here is the secret.....we aren't staying in Vegas (hee hee) We are driving to Vegas and then we will fly out at 2:45 am!?!
to Hawaii!

I don't know how the surprise is going to work? I think it would be fun for them to just wake up in Hawaii. Fun, but very unrealistic?
I can't tell if Ashtyn has a clue or not? There has been some whisperings she might have had her big ears on?? She might get a clue when we get to Vegas and don't check in to a hotel? We originally thought they would be so tired and wouldn't realize they were getting on a plane?? BUT coming home from the last bowl game Ashtyn stayed up the entire night/flight home??

Maybe we will stay in St George a little longer and then they will fall asleep by the time we are in Vegas? or maybe we will tell them when we get to Vegas?

It has been hard for me to be excited, because I haven't been talking about it with the kids? Dad even suggested to just tell them so I could be more excited....?

Just this week, Jay and I made up a quasi itinerary and checked out the Resort websites where we will be staying....
Turtle Bay and Ihilani JW Marriott

and now I am so excited.

We went to the pool for our FHE activity Monday and Jay worked with the girls, teaching them to snorkel. Alayna had her face in the water the ENTIRE time. It was so fun to see her so excited to snorkel.....that makes me even more excited.
We told the girls we are going to go snorkeling at the Mandalay Bay's Aquarium. Ashtyn knows that aquarium for their sharks and is terrified and was not so sure she wants to snorkel??
(I'm not so sure about all the little white lies???)

Because I am who I am, I have over-analyzed the whole thing....?(anyone else do this?)

It's fun to have this as a secret, mostly because Jay loves surprises like this.
Example: 2nd pregnancy?
But I haven't decided if I love the idea?

The girls weren't so keen on Vegas again, and requested Hollywood so they could see someone famous.

When we go other places we talk it to death.
Where we will go
what to do
and how much fun it will be.

Sometimes I think that is part of the vacation?
or will it be just as fun for them to get there and talk about it afterward?

But then again,
I hope I can capture
their excitement
when the surprise is revealed.

Oh man! they are going to be EXCITED!

After this past weekend of snow, who wouldn't be?


Lindsey said...

Wow! How fun! I am so excited for you guys.

About the surprise aspect...I think regardless of when it hits the kids is going to be so much fun. Maybe when they see the sign at the terminal saying HONOLULU? Whatever way they find out will be so fun. I can just imagine their little chatterings on the plane ride over! It'll make it a super fast flight for them!

Have lots of fun!

Rudy Rukus said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun. We have never been so enjoy for me too okay!

Tyler and Sheree said...

Have so much fun! And soak up some sun for me!

Sarah said...

Lucky woman! Have a blast !

katie t said...


i am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a blast....and yes i am JEALOUS :( jk

kind of jk