Alayna is 6 years old!

I love birthdays.
I love watching these little monkeys grow up.
Alayna has been "growing up" lots lately and exercising her free agency. She was so excited that Kennedy was able to spend her birthday at our house. She put some serious thought into where she wanted to eat, and Olive Garden won. Chuck E Cheese was a close second. Jay was even able to make it there. The next day we went to Color Me Mine and painted pottery.
Wouldn't it be amazing to have an entire set of dishes painted by the family?

I forgot to take the candle to the O.G. so we just put it in one of the desserts we brought home and Jacob sang his little happy birthday heart out along with the rest of us.

Zhu Zhu Pets were at the top of the list this year and they didn't disappoint. Alayna was truly so sweet to let Jacob play with them all night, without complaining. Jacob is so mesmerized and giddy over them and over Alayna. He wakes up asking for her.

I love this spunky little girl.

Ashtyn was so excited for a little sister... One of the first things I noticed after I had Alayna was the shape and size of her head. Perfect.

I love a chunky baby, but Alayna just wasn't meant to be chunky. She tried to chunk up but there was a point when I thought her skin was going to just split open, it was so tight. Not the soft, squishy rolls of baby chunk.


I have always loved to watch her asleep.

She is always game for snowmobiling, sledding, fort making, pretty much anything in the snow at the cabin. The cabin makes my kids happy. Check out those cheeks

She has always been a good eater....and entertainment.

Turning 3, so beautiful.

Alayna can make her face do just about anything. What you see is what you get. No secrets here.

I love her dimple and her freckles. They are perfectly placed like Strawberry Shortcakes. I love that she loves her freckles. Everywhere we go someone comments on her freckles. She loves her freckles and the attention they get.

Alayna loves her brother and sister.

Alayna LOVES Utah. The above drawing depicts Swoop, Utah's mascot knocking out Cosmo, byu's mascot; the one with the stars all around his head.

This girl can sleep anywhere. And usually gets a good nap in at every game.

I am so glad to have her in our family. For the chance to be a part of her life. I love being her mother. She stretches me to the very brink, but I need it and love it. She loves like no other. She wears every emotion on the outside. Every emotion is larger than life, her happy her sad her love....HUGE. I love you Alayna.

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Wendy said...

Sweet post and tribute! I love her freckles too!