Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable. --Plato

Jacob is part animal....werewolf maybe? Monkey? Tasmanian Devil?

Here is what we thought would be our new defense on the door.
Last summer I couldn't even take a shower without him taking off down the street.
He can undo the dead bolt, get a stool and unhook the chain and if he uses his brute strength he can bust off the plastic knob thing and still get out..... Next step; door alarm....

The past few nights, he has decided to sleep on the floor under his bed. He tosses out his blankets and shoves them under his bed, grabs his binkies and goes to sleep. Sunday morning Jay walked into his room and his bed was empty. He said he panicked until he saw the dust ruffle move. What a funny kid. Maybe it is his way of saying I am too big for a crib?
He is so quiet when he wakes up that no one even hears him so I bought one of these
to lock him in when we go to lake powell.

Every time we pass by these power lines he goes crazy for binkies. He tells me I need to get the binky off the wires? I'm not sure if it is the hanging things or what he sees as binkies, but he is sure there are binkies up there.

The day we painted pottery Jacob and I went to the starbucks next door and got him a box of apple juice and a box for the girls. He drank his and half of the girls. No big deal right? Well it went right through him and when we got home Jay put him on the potty. It went all over. The poor little guy. Jay was pretty proud that he got him on the potty, even though it was all over the potty. (Good job Jay for cleaning it all up!) Unfortunately not minutes later Jay carried him out onto the deck and he EXPLODED out every side of his diaper. Up the front, back, all through the leg openings immediately soaked through his pants and coated Jays arm and hand. Splattered his shirt and just about everything in a 5 foot radius. Jay was a champ and cleaned him up before I lost my cookies so I could take him up stairs for a shower then bath. Jay took care of the rest of the mess.
**Side note: It needs to be known that Jay should get
some award for disaster clean-up. He has cleaned up
everything from the above to my sister's dog's throw up
and dingle berries . He usually takes care of the disasters
that happen when I am tending other peoples children
as well. It always seems to happen when he is around?
He is a champ!

As for Jacob.....there are no words. He has me wrapped around his little finger and it is a good thing. All the kisses, loves and giggles make me so happy.

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Jen said...

We have a peapod for LMS and we love it! We started out with the smaller one when she was a year old, thinking we wouldn't use it much. Hah! We've used it every time we've gone anywere (roadtrips, camping, visiting family, Hawaii, Washington, our recent move....).

She likes how secure she feels in it and I like that she's not wandering around the hotel/house that we're staying at/etc. We upgraded to the bigger pink one this Christmas because she's too big for the smaller one.

I did find that she could wiggle her little finger in between the zipper pulls and unzip it though, so I pinned the zipper pulls with a diaper pin (they're really strong and don't pop under pressure), and there were no more escapes.

Hope it works for you guys!