April Fools

If you remember this post you know I love a good April Fools. This year I wished I would have planned a little more and would have had a couple families do this with me. Since April 1st fell on our Spring Break we didn't have to be to school, so I woke the girls up with a rush to hurry and get ready for Church. Ashtyn was a little confused and was pretty sure it was thursday, not sunday but reluctantly got ready. I heard he go look at the calendar and in between brushing her hair and teeth, she was checking her I-pod for the date. Alayna got her dress on while I was making sure to talk to Jacob about nursery and how Dad was waiting for us and we had to be on time.....Oh yeah and it is fast sunday. We got in the car, I turned on a cd of church music for effect and we drove up to the church. When no one was there I turned to some confused faces and said April Fools! And we went out to breakfast in our sunday best to IHOP. When I asked Ashtyn what she was thinking this morning she said "At one point I almost asked you if you were loosing of your mind, but then I remembered that you know everything...." Man, I've taught her well (hee hee)

That night for dinner, I had Ashtyn help me with a backwards Fools dinner. We started with cupcakes and ended with Chicken Not Pie. The cupcakes were meatloaf with pink potatoes and the chicken not pie was pudding with candy and fruit pieces topped with a pie crust shell. Unfortunately dinner was not as successful as breakfast....I doubt Jacob will try anything new after being tricked with cupcakes for dinner and Alayna could not get over pink potatoes and was really hoping for chicken "pot" pie, one of her favorites and was disappointed. Jay was polite and very quickly and quietly ate his....

Our St Patrick's Day Menu was a bigger hit. (Green Tortilla wraps with chicken bacon G. lettuce, G. Avocados, G. Kiwi, G. Apples, G. Limeade, G. Pistachio Jello Salad, G. Sugar Cookies.) I guess you can't win 'em all.

I would love ideas for next year, Maybe the bed switcharoo? I doubt Jacob will still be in his crib, but it would be fun to see how Alayna would react to waking up in his crib.....

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