MS Walk 2010

I am so grateful for everyone who donated to help us surpass our goal of $500 by raising $650 for team CPK.


130 percent of goal achieved.

I "tried harder" this year AND increased our donation support from last year by more than double.
I put off getting the team together and fund raising thinking many times how much easier it would be to just go and walk like I did the first year.

MS Walk 2008
Or get a few friends, some family to show up and a donation sprinkled in here and there, like last year.
MS Walk 2009
But I needed to try harder.
Not just for me but for my children.

The girls and I talked a lot about why we were asking for support through these donations and what that money would accomplish. It was a little scary for them at first, but they got in their little Barbie jeep and tooted around the block knocking on doors. They were so excited to come home with their envelopes of money.
Both Ashtyn and Alayna donated their own hard earned money as well.

Ashtyn donated all she had. I was pleased she did.
I was even more impressed when she realized
what she donated was the exactly the amount
it would cost for a particular toy she has been
wanting for months. I watched her think about it,
yearn for it and it was a little painful for her.
She knew she could just pull her money out
of the envelope and take it with us to the store.
It was satisfying to see her quickly overcome
the temptation and decide to put off her
consumer gratification.

Alayna has a hard time walking and keeping up. Not for physical reasons, but lack of desire.
With no "FUN" destination (meaning Disney Land or pool of chocolate pudding with colorful twisty slides) to entice her, she was dragging her feet after the first 75 yards. That is when we talked about who we were walking for. We talked about how much Grandma would love to be able to walk this 5K

and then we talked about the many people walking (or being pushed in a wheelchair or riding a scooter) next to us who live with MS and how it makes the body not work the same as hers.
She decided were walking for those who can't AND walking because she can was o.k. even though it was long and hot.

We also came up to a park where she was given a pinwheel and some oranges. She got a good burst of energy and something to keep her busy while walking.

I also have to thank Julie, Emily's mother in law
and Malissa, Emily's sister in law for keeping tabs on her
and cheering her on. They were so helpful.

Each year this walk becomes more and more important to me.

These are just some of the lives this disease affects.
It is hard to hold back the tears when you see bibs like these

or shirts that say...

But gratifying to see my children working to help find a cure. Gratifying watching my children learning to serve their family and community.

ValLynn Bauer

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