The best day....

All Saturday long I was floating on a cloud of delight.
It was a day I had conceived in my childhood mind of what life would be like when I was "old"er.

The day started with a 6:15 alarm, shower and meeting my BF/YW president for our weekly activity. The laurel president had planned a bike ride but only she showed up. We rode around the block to my house (Amy and I were tandem! And we didn't crash!) for doughnuts and milk. It was fun to get some one on one time with this cute girl. It amazes me what these 16-18 year olds are doing and facing. The sports, college classes and socializing....
(My very best friend doesn't even define who/what she is to me...I just love her)
had stayed the night.
Jay was in Portland, Chad at scout camp.
We had giggled into the 1am hour.
But I didn't even feel tired.
We got the kids dressed, packed up our shirts, bandannas, strollers and prizes for the walk and headed to the gateway. As hard as it is to wrangle 4 kids the outcome of what our kids experienced and learned from the walk just pushed me up further onto that cloud of delight. As a mom it is important to feel like you are making a positive impact on you children. Emily was such a trooper being 8 months pregnant.

We came home to Jay, his sister and her kids. The cousins all played, the girls (Emily Nicole and I) played. Jay even played with his new grill. Chad came down for dinner and we ate and ate.

I loved that every door to the outside was open. I loved hearing the cousins playing and laughing. I loved laughing.
I loved going to get lunch with Emily and Nicole, then to Hobby Lobby and Harmon's.

I loved that Jay was home. I had the best day....(Thanks Jay and Emily!)

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snakeriverwalton said...

Next time we're on tandem we might make it farther than around the block? But the donuts were great. Next year I'm going to make the walk!!