Supah Stahr!

Dropping off the girls in the morning is one of my favorite things to do. It is such a short drive (that could/should and sometimes is walked), so the exchange is equivalent. I love to hear their anticipation rattle off like a spastic bubble machine. Little and big, their insecurities, ideas and schemes float through the car...then POP! on to something else.

I'm not sure if it was the radio or Ashtyn, but Super Star was one of the short lived topics this morning.
Carefully waiting for Ashtyn to step out, Alayna, in a way only Alayna can looks at me and says matter of factly, "You know, (insert "valley girl" huff) I am like a SUPAH STAHR. Everyone knows me and wants to talk to me because I have such a cool backpack." By this time Alayna is out of the car and getting ready to shut the door. "I just tell them all that my aunt Josie made it for me" and paraded off to be the super star of viewmont elementary.....

Thank you Josie for making her the SUPAH STAHR!
And I really need to clean the windshield of my car, it's not the camera...

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CrazyinIdaho said...

That is hilarious!!! And to think that I was worried they would wonder why they got "garbage" for christmas. So cute!