Sunday's Cookies

Sunday one of my favorite neighbors called to borrow a movie. The girls delivered it and came home with king-sized candy bars. Later that evening she brought the movie back with a plate of cookies. The girls answered the door, grabbed the cookies and movies shutting the door as fast as they could. I saw the plate of cookies on the stairs as I ran out to tell her thanks and visited for a minute. The minute turned into 45 or more. Her poor patient son listened to us and finally let out the biggest huff and eye roll as he said he was missing the game. He is a good son. I came in and put dinner on the table. As we were sitting down to eat, Jacob came down the stairs with this face. That is when I remembered the cookies....

"I having a tea party mom"

Inside his pop up tent was the plate with a small hole for his hand to conveniently retrieve his chocolate chip delights.

Needless to say he didn't want to sit down and have any more "dinner"

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