Viva Las Vegas!

Jay loves Vegas...
He defends it to his friends and family.
He recruits it every January May and Fall.
He recently presented at a convention there with this guy and this guy
We tricked our kids there
We even honeymooned there. (Thanks again Uncle Rob!)

This is us on the same corner of Caesars Palace we spent our first New Years together as a married couple over 12 years ago.

This past weekend we headed to 'sin city' again....
Jay left tues night or wed morning? and I met him Thursday afternoon.

Spring recruiting does not let you visit/contact the recruit in person. So Jay is left to talk to the recruit's coaches and counselors making sure he is taking the right classes. Building a relationship with the H.S. coach is crucial so that coach funnels the best kids to Utah. Jay also checks out track meets or other athletic events the recruit is involved in to assess his overall athleticism. Spring is different than the fall when nights are spent visiting recruits and their families in their homes getting them to commit to play for the best team; UTAH.
So with that synopsis of NCAA rules and guidelines, I guess what I am saying is since Jay had his evenings free I went down to play with him.

As soon as Jay picked me up from the airport we headed to the pool and did some serious people watching. "your four o'clock" and "tattoos on the left" and lots of "cougar" (not the byu kind). The whole weekend we were able to talk without any interruptions. (well, a few recruiting calls, but those never go away)

Jay got tickets to the Lion King, it was amazing. I forgot my glasses in our room and he booked it up there while I waited for our dinner to come. The make-up and costumes were amazing. I loved every minute. I wished the girls could have seen it, they would have loved it. (Felt a little guilty they missed it)

Checking out the gift shop before taking our seats. Jay is still packing around my glasses.

It was a good thing it was short trip. Why did I feel guilty for being all by myself. I still feel a little guilty... morning in the spa with a short massage and reading the gossip in Vogue Magazine.
I need to learn to let the guilt go, but how do you?
I went to the pool til Jay was done.
We checked out a track meet together.
Man it was scorching hot.

We both picked a show, I chose Jay Leno for Friday night. (Actually, I picked both of them, Jay wanted to see Phantom) It wasn't a production of his show but just him doing stand up for 90 minutes. He was side splitting AND I am going to say probably the cleanest act in the city. Leno's opener was a group called Mosaic. It was IN-sane what they could get to come out of their mouths.

When we were walking into the lion king I told Jay to go up to the desk and see if they could move us up or upgrade our tickets. He said he just got them that morning and didn't think they could do anything. So when I went to pick up our tickets for Leno, I asked if there were any closer that they could upgrade for us. Not only did the dude move us up 12 rows to great aisle seats where we could see perfectly he refunded us over $15!!?! He said why but I didn't hear him very well and didn't want to question. It never hurts to ask.

I took this picture of Jay but should have taken the picture of the chick who was so overwrought at our choice to buy a frozen drink without alcohol. "Uh, if it is the same price, why not get it with the alcohol?" over and over she kept asking if we were sure? We quoted her to each other the rest of the night.

What's a trip to Vegas without Elvis? As Jay was taking the picture, he whispered I do this for tips. I apologized, Ooops, I don't have any cash! Sorry dude. And he let us take the pic any way

Darth Vader didn't say anything about tips?

Glad it was less than 48 hours away from my crazy monkeys, glad we stay at the end of the crazy strip, glad I reconnected with that crazy man I love.

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