End of school happenings....

The end of school has come and gone.

Here are a few highlights.
Ashtyn was Agnes Caldwell in her 4th grade wax museum. She did a fantastic job. So did all the other waxies I listened to.

Ashtyn won the Clove Award for being a great student all year long.

There was the school carnival.

Of course if you are Jacob, it doesn't matter if there are 16 bounce houses, the school playground is where he wanted to play.

Jay recruits Utah so he is home in the evenings now. It has been so uncommon for him to attend these type of things, I love having him around.

Jacob finally, with a LOT of coaxing, got off the playground to go through the obstacle course. He got a little help from his friends.

He thought it was great and wanted to go again and again. He doesn't quite understand lines, patience or tickets. Ashtyn had missed school because she was sick but really wanted to go to the carnival. But after 15 minutes she was not well at all and ready to leave. Convenient for Mom, Dad and wallet. Not so great for Alayna who wanted to stay at her first Carnival as a student. She handled it like a champ, (a few tears, but brave tears).

And last but not least good news / bad news.
Good news: Alayna learned how to ride her bike!
Bad news: I dropped/broke my new camera when I was running/falling off the curb in my soccer cleats....:(
but to end with good news, we won our soccer game;) and the camera has an accidental warranty that should have it fixed in 2-3 weeks :( So no video of Alayna riding....yet.

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