Weekend Visit

School let out and we headed to Rexburg for a short visit. We were greeted with a beautiful sky. It is no wonder why up there it is called big sky country. It seems as though you can see heaven for miles and miles.

As we were driving up I started thinking about the summer and everything on the calendar. It seemed as though I need to take the biggest breath and get ready to dive in. Now that I am home, I am getting a little anxious of drowning....Why do we do this to ourselves? I guess we just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....

While at mom and dad's it was so nice to have NOTHING scheduled. The girls played endlessly on the swings, Jacob played with grandma and her cars. Piling them on her lap, making mountains and tunnels with her legs. Directing her to just stay on the couch while he makes the circle out and around the house, through the garage to see the scary green car. (only scary because Ashtyn honked it's very loud "awooga" horn at him)
Jacob got over the scary pretty quick when grandpa offered to take him to the car store in his car. He proceeded to direct me to "just stay here with grandma" It makes me so happy to see my kids love being with their grandparents. They truly enjoy every minute. In fact when we got home, Jacob didn't want to do something..? change his clothes or his diaper, maybe it was put his shoes on...? Anyway, he cried for grandma, hoping she would save him from the task at hand. {smile}
On our way out of town I followed dad to check his speedometer.
He has been working so hard on these cars and they look awesome.

The girls felt like they were in their very own parade. They loved it.

Jacob is looking pretty awesome too!

It was a great visit.
AND if you or anyone you know is headed to Yellowstone this summer you can have an experience of a lifetime. Rent one of his beauties and enjoy the park in a whole new way. Click on the pic below or on the sidebar.


Anthony and Jessica said...

fun! I didn't know your dad had old cars like that. way cool! love Jacob's shades:)

Sarah said...

so cute! I love your dad, he always has something up his sleeve! What a great idea! Miss ya girl. Maybe we will get up to Yellowstone this summer. I'll call you.