A coaches life....

Division 1 football coaches have CRAZY SCHEDULES!

I want to give Jay props for all he does.
Of course the 5:30am starts and 10:30pm end of day whistle is amazing enough
BUT when you fly out Friday and return post game Saturday to crawl into bed after a flight with tired, some 300+lbs, some stinky boys and coaches at 2am THEN set your alarm for 6am to get film graded before having to go to Stake Conference with 6 kids (mine and my sister's 3 very good kids). Including helping to coordinate getting the chairs set up and taken down. Check back home, take a 18 minute nap and head back to the office til 10:30pm and be back up at 5:30am Monday with energy and enthusiasm.
It just makes me exhausted thinking and typing it...
This allows me to stay home and be a mom to 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed.
Some days are harder than others and it breaks his heart when Jacob doesn't want to go to him because it has been days since he has seen him (awake) and when he does see him sometimes it is just for a few minutes.
Ashtyn would do the same thing for about 3 years as a toddler.
When football season came around she would get 'mad' at Jay and would take her time warming up to him when he was home.

Some nights are hard as I make it through tantrums, homework, dinner, practicing, carpools, budgeting, grocery shopping, staying on top of oil and air filters...the list could go on and on.

But knowing that Jay loves me and his family so much, he is doing what he loves and I get to stay home with my children in a comfortable home is pretty great.
Thanks Babe! I hope I never take you for granted, not for one second!
I think you are perfect!


Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I had no idea, what it takes to be a coach and a coach's wife. Props to you both!

Lindsey said...

Sometimes the selfish me thinks that I have it harder than my husband does. And then I think of things exactly the way that you just described them and I check myself. I think my big kids are the opposite of your kids....they absolutely bombard Brian to death as soon as he walks in the door and even after all the hours he has put in at work he still has the energy to read princess books to Scarlett, WITH princess voices! It takes special people to do the jobs they do that is for sure!!! We sure miss you guys that is for sure and always love the Utes!

SKH said...

Thanks for the props Stacy! And Lindsey, we miss you guys for sure but LOVE seeing each of them (and you and Brian) on your blog! I love the updates! It keeps my universe aligned to be able to read into the lives of friends! As far as my big kids they are the same as yours with Jay talk his ear off and he plays pet shops or colors with them. And once Jacob warms up Jay gets to play trains and tractors. (Jacob's way ;) Definitely takes those special people!

Anthony and Jessica said...

What a crazy schedule! If anyone can handle this life it's you Sara!