Take me to Mars....

Bruno Mars that is....

Chelsea was one of the youth Jay and I taught in Sunday School when we first moved here.
We loved that calling!
Chelsea (and the rest of her family) are hilarious!

So it didn't surprise me that I was laughing out loud every time I read her blog.
Recently she wrote this post.

I had heard the song 'Just the way you are' a time or two before....

....but it took her post for me to download it (and every other Bruno Mars song on itunes) and start playing over and over belting out the words to my girls dismay.
I even went to lunch with Jay that week and told him Thanks for the song....
I like to pretend that Jay wrote it for me.

So Mr. Bruno I believe some of those royalties should be mailed in certified cashiers check to Miss Chelsea Chamberlain @ Chelsea's Psycho Babble.com. And Chels (I can call you that right?) Thanks for the kicks and giggles!


snakeriverwalton said...

i spent way too long laughing and reading chelsea's posts. and I have never heard this song, but I like it!

Chels said...

You can most certainly call me Chels! Isn't that song THE BEST?! I totally pretend Shawn wrote it for me too, don't even worry.

I wouldn't mind getting some of those royalties - yes, please.

Thanks for the shout out!