And take a breathe.....(part 2)

A short day after the 4th of July, we headed to lake powell for the Hill family reunion. Last year was my first L.P. experience. Love that place! Hiking, water, sun, Frisbee golf, cliff jumping,relaxing... Click to see this year's slideshow
I even got up surfing behind the boat!! Wahoo!!
With a little coaxing we left a day early (sunday) so I could be to girls camp first thing monday morning. Skits, zumba, pranks, hiking, canoeing, singing, testimonies. There is no place like camp. And again bff Amy documented it with great pics so I will just link there.

Once home from girls camp we had just a few days left before Jay had to be back to work. We took a quick camping trip to pineview reservoir where the Omans and Rodebush Family met us for boating and dinner. I wish we could have done that at least one more time this year! I even got up on the wakeboard FINALLY! Who takes 31 years to do that?!? Yay for me!

Holding Jess and Anthony's Liam (so cute)

Alayna: "Hey Kennedy, wouldn't it be funny if I just let go fell off on purpose....." Then she did. That girl loves to find out "what it would be like"....Remember this? we are going to need some prayers....

With Jay back to work we headed up to the cabin for the Plant family reunion.... I was a little bummed Jay wouldn't be able to be there for the reunion but had moved on to survival mode without him...

To his surprise He was given the weekend off and surprised us with a weekend visit. I think he mostly wanted to go fishing again! That is an extra large sink that doesn't do justice to the size of those fish!

I was just excited he was going to be there for our private Zumba Party

That was a sight! So fun!

Monday we went into Yellowstone Park and took turns driving Dad's Old car, and went for an almost 5 mile hike. Jacob even hiked almost the whole way....There were a few frowns and a point where he just had to sit down and take a break. But did a great job hiking. I carried him a few times but I would just pick him up and we would count to ten and then he would walk again.

We love Chelsie and it was wonderful to have her come with us for the week. She was so much help. The hike was to this lake and all the kids were so excited because it was warm...When they said that I said perfect place for leeches which didn't stop any of them from getting in....... They were especially infatuated with the lily pads and flowers.

When Josie walked out with a leech everyone ran out and EVERYONE had multiple leeches on them. An adventure they will never forget. It was so gorgeous and as we were pulling off the leeches we could hear elk calling. So fun!

We got home and had just enough time before school started to go school shopping, have a parade of homes date with Ashtyn and parties.
We had a back to school/end of summer bash with LOTS of girls.
Again Chelsie helped me manage the chaos.
Bonus points for Ashtyn telling me it was the 'best party ever!'

Then Jacob turned 3!
He is potty trained, no sippy cups and with the first 3 presents open he threw away one of his binkies and is binkie free. He snuggled all his new toys in bed instead of his binkies, a few nights and naps with tears but overall worked just as planned.

My baby is not such a baby (sniff sniff)

And now we are off and running with me playing soccer, the girls in dance, piano, play practice, achievement days, friends, helping in Alaynas class, feeding therapy, YWs, more play practice, tending kids, and........

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