Up for air.....(part one)

Way back in June I looked at our summer schedule and started to feel suffocation. It looked as though I was going to dive myself right into a whirlpool....and I did.....

But the memories made and experiences had
could not have been matched. Although Jay
and I promised to 'schedule' ourselves out of
a summer again.

It started with youth conference. After making sure the crazy sitter schedule(including sitter switch offs, piano lessons, swim lessons and track) was taken care of, I had a blast. Rafting the Snake River in a hail storm, rescuing a stranded scout leader who lost his scouts, 8 mile hike, temple baptisms, marshmallow wars, beautiful scenery, fabulous food (thanks to our chef, who was also the recipient of a few pranks)....who gets out of their truck with it running and doesn't expect to get left in the pitch black dark of the woods @ midnight? A special patriotic purchase, Jackson hole......to read more about our experience click here. Arriving home I had a few hours to prep for the next adventure.... Ragnar. We had a BBQ for our team that night in preparation for the upcoming weekend trek.
Jay and I next to our lighted swagger wagon.
Jay was my hero and amidst camps and work and all else, he was my pacer for the 9.6 mile midnight run.
facing my uphill run....seriously should have trained a little harder....

AND the finish line....we are done!
On to a player BBQ and the 4th (actually the 3rd) of July!
With all that food you would have thought the whole team was there.....nope....just the new guys...no one left hungry that's for sure!

These kids are so great! I am amazed every BBQ we have.... The pic below is of a Player and Alayna playing ping pong....She kept asking "you wanna piece of me?" and then would whiff the ball. The player was so cute and ended up making up a new game that she could win by blowing the ping pong ball across the table.

Basketball in the cul de sac. They let coach win?

The 4th of July is a big deal for me. I miss the family do-dah of years ago in the 'treasure valley' so I decided this year was going to be the family do-dah in murray.

The parade....

The bounce house...snow cones, slip n slide, food, food, more food and family...

The fireworks including the special patriotic purchase from youth conference (wink wink) Taylor's blessing the next day..... It was perfect! (maybe next year we can get Benji to bring his fam??)

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Sarah said...

Hi! So good to hear from you! My blog is so lame and I need you to fix it! We are actually in town for Ethans appt on Oct7and8th. I would LOVE to get together! You guys are probably so busy with Football...Let us know. We might take you up on the offer of staying with you? His appt. is in Riverton this time? Is that close to you?