Wheeler Farm

Thursdays have turned into our family home evening night, since that is the only day Jay is done at 5:30pm. This particular Thursday we went to Wheeler Farm to get some pumpkins. I had originally planned to do it without him but when we figured out it would work for him to come everyone was excited. I used going to see the tractors on Jacob as a 'dangling carrot' for 4 days straight. It worked like a charm, he would stop crying, pitching a fit and even eat his food at any mention of going to the farm to ride on the tractors.

So the first thing was to find the tractors......
This is my favorite picture, He caught a glimpse and he was off happily screaming "tractor, tractor, I found the tractor!"

Can you see the happiness of the little guy getting his tractor ride? It was all he could do to stop examining the tractor and trailer and take a picture.

Why are pigs tails curly? They are pretty darn cute. But the turkey's snood and wattle that serve little to no purpose are so darn ugly....but fascinating?

The corn/hay bale maze.

and finally the pumpkins....I am so glad Jay was able to come see how darn cute these little monkeys are. Jacob left on cloud nine telling us all about his tractor ride.
I know they wont always be this little and innocent. Lovin life, pumkins and tractors. I love that I have this now and can always remember....

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Ashley said...

You have such a cute family! I love your word of the year.