I really love your peaches...

Name that tune....?

The last 5 years I have had grand plans to can everything thing harvestable
but like all the years prior it didn't happen.

I got a box of peaches this year and since i didn't can them we peeled them and froze them.
Jay LOVES (like why don't you marry one) smoothies. He alone could keep Jamba Juice (which he still calls Zuka Juice) and Roxberry in business
And since the texture of the peaches was a little...smack smack....ehh, they were perfect for freezing.
Alayna and Jacob were great helpers peeling them and all of them (meaning all 3 monkeys) got in on the slicing. (We didn't use the one Jacob cut/smashed with a butter knife)

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lifeinredshoes said...

TTHE JOKER!!! Steve Miller Band.