Halloween 2010

Alayna the icy eskimo

Jacob the spooky ghost

Ashtyn the gypsy fortune teller

The School Parade

Breakfast with a Witch at Gardner Village

The witches were so cute.

The girls thought this blue & white witch was soooo pretty, I love the way Alayna is looking at her.

For a buffet breakfast and a show, I thought it was worth the $10 and the girls loved having a day out with the girls. (meaning no Jacob running around crazy getting lost)

We spent the night at Emily's. Jacob was in heaven. He got to go to Chads dealership and check out the fork lifts, then went to get the razor ride it while we went trick or treating. He didn't even want to get out most of the time for the candy, he was happy as a clam sitting and talking about riding in the razor.
The girls were excited to be able to go to her trunk or treat. (We missed ours last week)
Ashtyn was worried about missing out in our neighborhood... the scones and doughnuts, friends etc... but we made some homemade doughnuts and hit the spooky houses and got quite the load of candy. At the end of the night Ashtyn said it was the best Halloween EVER!
To top it off Utah beat Air Force!
Unfortunately we forgot Alayna's costume AND I left my camera at the High School. Emily let her borrow Kennedy's witch costume from last year but so sad I didn't get any pictures of Alayna in her short and tight (and a little street walkerish) witch costume.
We got a few on Emily's phone and when I get them I will add them.

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