Murray High's Music Man

If you don't already know, Ashtyn is a self starter. If she wants to do something she will always get it done. For example; in kindergarten I was not waking her up with enough time for her to get done all she wanted to in the morning, so she asked for her own alarm clock. She learned how to set it and turn it off (in kindergarten) She would get up at 7.

A few months ago, she told me there was an audition for kids to be in the High School's production of the Music Man. She wanted to go. I told her if she got all the information I would take her. Of course she did. I'm not sure how many kids showed up but there were A LOT. They had pretty much predetermined who would play the part of Winthrop. So they needed members of the boys band and Amaryllis. Luck of all luck, Ashtyn got the part of Amaryllis and was thrilled. I was.... hmm, I don't know what I was...maybe worried and a little nervous but very happy she was fulfilling a dream. I had no idea what to expect. The first few weeks of practice were great she loved it and loved her new high school 'mom & dad'. The following weeks became more and more crazy up until the two weeks prior to opening night when they were leaving school 20 minutes early and practicing til 6-6:30 pm. It made for looong days and lots of headaches (Ashtyn's)

When costumes were being chosen, they specified a drop waist or pinafore dress that falls below the knee as the desired style. We went to Hale Center Theater to rent one and ended up with 2 choices from them. I remembered I had 2 options from my childhood closet that might work.

I was thrilled when they picked my dress.

This was a dress mom had purchased on her trip to San Fransisco at the Gunnie Sack outlet. It was a huge deal to a 7 year old me. Mom made the trip with Wendy Deppe to visit dad while he was working on his masters degree at CAL Berkley. The dresses were beautiful but mostly they were from San Fransisco! I felt so fancy.

Me in the second grade.
I've seen a few people this past Halloween who have pictures of their childhood costumes and then pictures of their children in the same/similar costumes. I thought that was such a cute idea, and this may not be Halloween costumes, but still nostalgic.

Ashtyn in the 5th grade.

Here is her main speaking part with a little part in the song at the end.
This was the last night and I was not sitting in the best part to video, but I thought it was her best performance.

A short clip from Wells Fargo Wagon

And the Finale
Both Ashtyn and I really appreciated all the friends and family who came to watch. It really meant a lot that so many would come and support her and the rest of the show.

AND even though I missed out on the wives trip to Notre Dame I was so glad I stayed and was there to support her and watch each performance.


Jen said...

Ashtyn did a great job!

Lindsey said...

As a girl raised on musicals, I'm not even exagerrating when I say that these clips brought a tear to my eye. Ashtyn: you were amazing!! Seriously!!

Please tell me that Jay was able to make a performance...if not, it will break my heart. ;)

Heather Bergsjo said...

Ashtyn was amazing! You have one talented little girl!