Thanksgiving 2010

For the past 8 years (every other with the Kern family) we have celebrated at different homes. First at mom and dad's, then at Josie's, my house 2 years ago and at Emily's this year.(I was so happy not to have to do any planning...just show up.
Like years past, Dad wanted a new family picture so we kicked off Thanksgiving day with a family picture in a snowy orchard. Sounds beautiful huh? I thought of all the things that could go wrong and there were quite a few. The one thing I never imagined would happen, was one of my children having an accident (and not the one who recently was potty trained). Luckily it was not noticeable and we finished our pics quickly and got her to Emily's to change. Off to a great start eh? A little anxious to see how they turned out?

Dinner was delicious, the turkey perfect! And so far no one noticed I forgot to make the IMPORTANT traditional Grandma John Wassail....oops!

We did the traditional early morning shopping at 3:15 am....still recovering. Ben and Dad asked if it was worth it. Yes, I always wonder why we do it but it is just fun to go, see the crazies and be silly with my sisters/in law. Ben asked me to do the math to see how much I saved....$450 on 3 items not bad?? Other weekend activities included Tangled (so cute), visiting with family, yummy blueberry scones, Christmas from mom and dad (more to come on that) and gingerbread houses and they byu UTAH game (again more to come on this)!!
This year some of us felt a little lacking in the creativity/motivation dept. But they all turned out so cute even if one was a foreclosure in Twin Falls were it snows side ways. You can see more here


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