Where did December go?

Just counted the days we had home in December. Total 14 of the 31.

Weekend one was spent in Twin Falls visiting Josie and her family. Emily M was in a children's theater production of Charlotte's Web and Jack was baptized.
The following weekend was spent in St George for the Hill family Christmas party and C.J.'s farewell.
Home for a few days to make sure Christmas was in line and left a day earlier than planned (12/17) for the Vegas Bowl.
Home for Christmas eve and Christmas day then up to the cabin til the new year.

Despite the crazy travels we enjoyed the visits and relaxation upon arriving to each destination. I love the sister trips Emily and I have made especially when we are going to visit Josie. And I really appreciate her hubs Chad for fixing the DVD player in the car. 6+ days in the car without it could have put me in to an asylum.

Looking back, if you throw in the church activities and parties, kids recitals and obligations, you could whittle that number down to single digits.

At the first of the month my computer got a virus, well actually I was told it had 782 viruses but luckily our super computer guy fixed it and the 'r' key that was broke off during the byu/Utah game at a very reasonable price and in about a week. To finish off the month we had almost $600 worth of Under Armour merchandise stolen off our front porch. Thankfully they have filed with fed ex and have reshipped the entire order.
Crazy eh?
I don't want to forget the fun times so here's to some back logging.....

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