Christmas Dance Recital 2010

I love, love, love watching my two girls dance.
Because of Music Man rehearsals and a performance, Ashtyn missed a few dance rehearsals. She tried out and made jr. starlettes which added to her worry. (Although I don't know why??) She was very nervous and a little insecure about the dance. She practiced and practiced at home but you can see that she is concentrating on getting the dance just right. She got her kicks up high like she wanted to and didn't miss a beat.

I love to watch Alayna dance and wait for when she finally sees us in the audience. Her face just lights up the stage. You can tell she feels like the music box dancer. Last spring her wink, thumbs up and pointing out the flashing lights was awesome.

This year you could tell she was making sure each arm move was just right, the echoes of her teacher to slow down and wait for the music was obvious as well. I am amazed at the control she has now. If you have known her for all 6 years it hasn't (isn't) always been there.

And finally the FINALE. You can hear Jay and I worried and giggling about Ashtyn's pants as they almost fall down. I knew that they were a bit big and was feeling like a bad mom for not taking them in. There are a couple close calls. After the performance she told us how she and Ari had pulled their pants up over their shoulders and ran around goofy. Which explains why it was only in the finale they were falling off.

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