Christmas Tree

I have been so sick with this pregnancy and haven't been able to much more than survive. But I was determined to have the decorations up so we could enjoy them before we headed out on our crazy travel schedule. I think we got a good 10 days of holiday enjoyment ;) I forgot to take pictures of the other parts of the house that were decorated, like the hutch, mantle and buffet. I guess there is always next year.
Jacob was excited to put on the star. Although I'm not sure he has recovered from the wedgie?
Last year we had to add a few lights at the bottom of the pre lit tree. Even after checking lights and changing fuses it was still dark. This year even fewer were lit. I looked around for a new tree and found some gorgeous ones on KSL for a great price. The only problem - our living room is so tiny that a chubby full tree is not going to work. This one I got at wally world after Christmas 5 years ago for $35! It is the PERFECT size. With the star on it almost touches the ceiling but narrow enough you can still get around it. AND I love the branches, Did not see one like it. SO Jay had the bright idea of cutting off all 600 lights. "It'll just take 20 minutes" he said. 3 hours later.... I ran to Target for strings of lights. It took us 4 days to get the tree up and fully decorated.

Growing up, like many others we had the tradition of a new ornament each year. I tried to start that tradition but with only 3 then 4 family members it wasn't much of a decorated tree. I decided to do a new set of ornaments for the past few years to fill out the tree. I started with little book ornaments and then one year I found the glittered snowflakes. Another year I glued ribbon to the scented pine cones. (probably my favorite ornament) Then I bought balls and bells. This past year I found the giant balls and added the gold leaves and berries. I got a little crazy and even added the green ribbon throughout. (Last year while at a friends house she had ribbon on her tree and it looked so finished so I copied.) Maybe by the time my kids are grown and out of the house I will have sets of ornaments for each of them??

I love the traditional red green and gold of the tree, but I am getting really sick of the brown chairs, yellow(gold) curtains and yellow wall. I can't decide if it is just the pregnancy, the time of year or if it's just time to change after 5 years?
(Always thinking of the next project...even when I am too tired to do them.)


lifeinredshoes said...

I didn't know you were pregnant:)

SKH said...

I think we are crazy! I am due June 4th but the doc is planning for the end of may. Which sounds so much better.

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