PT Conference update

My emotions were so high and why this day and they decided to come in the form of tears, tears and more tears (Sorry Em for crying to you) But the comments and advice was exactly what I needed. (Josie, I wish you lived by me and not just so you could tend Jacob) So as predicted (Thanks Lindsey) My emotions have settled.
This has nothing to do with Alayna or her education. Yes, Teacher can be negative but the world is full of negative people and learning to deal with them is part of growing up. When I ask Alayna about school it never seems to be an issue. For example the day I had issues I asked if she thought Teacher was a little ornery? She matter of factly said "Well, we had a lot going on today she really needed to get everything done." A good reminder for me. It takes a LOT to teach 24 6 year olds.
Because I do AR I know that Alayna is reading at the highest level in the class. There is 1 other little boy a level behind her but she is the top reader. She is very intelligent and isn't missing a beat....

With that said here is how PT conferences went...

Teacher: How are you?
Me: (Knowing the second my mouth opens a hoarse scratchy germ ridden voice would blast I say)I have had an awful head cold, darn Alayna (since she had just missed 2 days this past week being sick and gave it to me)
Teacher: Yeah? Well I have 25 of those little monsters. When I get sick I always listen to see who sounds just like me and I am like You, You are the little monster that got me sick.

We proceed to have an encouraging conversation about Alayna and where she is in school. She earned all Es and is doing very well socially. She confirms she is very deliberate in what she does and thoughtful beyond her years.

After the 15 minutes, I stand up, ready to go and say
Me: "Oh and about the other day...."
Teacher: "About your unruly child"
Me: I am sorry...
Teacher: Well...(Then proceeds to tell me how it went down) He announced that he was going to the library and I said that's fine but you are NOT going to take that noisy toy with you. You have to leave it here and He said NO! and I said Yes you have to leave it hear, and he yelled back NO! I'm going to the library and I told him he couldn't and that is when Teacher B stepped in and said she was headed to the library and would take him and keep the toy. *huff*
At this point I remind her that I had warned her and if it was too much she could find another volunteer. I also told her that each wed. morning I specifically talk to Jacob about what is expected of him, how he will behave and what he will be doing. BUT he is three and his memory is about that of a flea.
She assured me that it was just fine to bring him with me but from now on she would just lock him in the classroom.....

For a second my mind had this image of the gingerbread house witch from Hansel and Gretel rubbing her hands together, licking her lips "Yes, yes, we can just lock him in the classroom...."
Back to reality I smiled and said great we will see you wednesday!

**For the record I DO NOT believe Teacher is a witch, mean spirited, or awful educator. I may just be a little dramatic, a LOT hormonal and over protective. Alayna is receiving a great education and growing in leaps and bounds since starting school.

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