Thirteen Lucky Years!

Jay and I were married two days after Christmas and in between semesters. We both graduated from Ricks and He started at the University of Utah. It was a crazy whirlwind getting everything to fit just right in the time we had.
So why would it be any different on our anniversary?
Our Anniversary has been hastily celebrated at a bowl game with a bunch of football players or at the cabin with all our family. And with Christmas, traveling and everything else that is happening in December it sometimes get pushed under the rug, til we run out to dinner that night.
The past 2 years I decided maybe I should put some thought into getting Jay something or do something special for it.

Last year I made him a calendar.
A cute friend and fellow football wife said she wanted to do a photo shoot for her Husband and invited me along. I thought it would be a perfect anniversary present...a 12 month calendar for 12 years of marriage?
The photographer did a good job and Jay hung it in his office all year.

This year I was a little late with the idea and the shopping but still accomplished what I set out to do. We celebrated 13 lucky years and because some consider 13 to be an unlucky number I went with gifts to bring Jay and our marriage luck.
After a little google research I made a list of things that would bring us luck.
Ironically I don't really believe much into lucky items, but Jay is very superstitious and quietly believes in such lucky items (side note: most coaches are to some extent)

So we have the elephant clock with his head raised for 'extra' luck
A dream catcher to take away the bad
A lucky lady bug
A lucky buddha (I think this particular statue if for good health?)
A lucky money tree. That almost died in the freezing temps of Island Park but is coming back thank goodness, Jay was really worried about that one. Of all things to let the money tree die!
A lucky fortune cookie coin purse to hold all his lucky dimes. Every heads up dime he finds is good for a win on the field
Lucky cologne

Cheesy but the effort was made and it is fun to see the superstitious side of that man I love.
I need to start thinking about 14....what goes with 14...?


snakeriverwalton said...

wow. finally got to these these pictures! They are so cute.

Rudy Rukus said...

You are so creative. Maybe if I focused more on things like this I wouldn't get so annoyed this time of year! I HATE recruiting season seriously HATE it. Jeff is soooooo stressed right now I can't take it....