What?!? Is that Annoying?

Tuesday, Jay returned from New Orleans and had a minute to meet up for lunch before heading out recruiting schools here in the valley.
I was excited to see him and to eat something other than cereal for lunch.
I threw all three kiddos (no school monday or tuesday) in the car and headed out. Jacob was being goofy and was making a sound similar to the most annoying sound in the world I calmly said one of my usual car sayings"Jacob that is too noisy" and he replied as if he were a 13 year old Jay
"What!?! Is that annoying?"

The sun was out, temperatures were above freezing for the first time in forever and I was in a happy mood for the first time in forever-20 weeks (I know poor Jay and family)
I said "Isn't it a beautiful day?"
Jacob replied "No it isn't"
I retort "It is a beautiful a day"
Jacob likes this game and continues with a "No it's not"
I pull out the mommy growl and snarl "It is a beautiful day!"

Jacob giggles and says "Mommy you are such a GOON?"

I love this little guy. He is so full of life, love, happiness and destruction.

In other news....
Alayna is at the top of her class in AR reading and in reading fluency. She won her class spelling bee and will be participating in the school wide spelling bee at the end of the week. I know total mom pride but.....

She brought home this spelling test with an 80%. I look to see what word she has missed..
Yep that last word is not correct...
Do you know what word she was trying to spell?

Looks like we need to keep working...

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