Jay woke me up this morning for family prayers and told me he can tell when I sleep good because I smile while I sleep.

Jacob asked me if he could sit on my lap. That always makes my happy, he is so loving. Then he said when he gets bigger I can sit on his lap.

Jay called at 10 am and said his phone battery was already half gone from being on it since the moment he left.

He called a few minutes later to tell me he would be flying to New Orleans with Coach Whit on a private jet, so they could have their own time schedule and skip the airport hassles.

My cousin is having a girl. Out of 8 of us who are pregnant, 6 girls, 1 boy and 1 unknown...?

I am glad to have great friendships that have lasted through the years and have made my last few days.

I need to be a better friend.

Ashtyn's room is almost done.....

I might move into her room, I love it and so does she.

I am so annoyed that I hate being pregnant so much...seriously Sara, get over it you have 18 more weeks....

Alayna shared her fountain drink with me....It was a combination of orange soda and root beer.

I love being a mom.
(giving practice spelling tests, carpools, reading to Jacob a few of todays favorites.)

I hate that my backside looks as pregnant as the front....:(

I am so glad that Jay will get on the plane when he is done and be home tonight instead of having to wait for a flight tomorrow. Going to an empty bed gets old.

Signing day is less than a week away. Pray that we get the ones we want, the ones we need.

I wonder who this little girl in my belly is going to be?

I am blessed.

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