Ashtyn's Turns 11

Last year Alayna (by her actions and attitude) chose not to have a friend party. The girls learned that friend parties were privileges and not an entitlement. Ashtyn on her own accord (back in April '10) decided that she didn't need a friend party every year and for her next birthday she would skip it.

January approached she tried to stick to her plan.
but Ashtyn loves a party as much as I do and
She wanted to celebrate with her friends....
I figure here in a year or so she will just
want the party money for clothes, right..?

So with the idea from Amy, we made last minute plans for a smash hit party at the Karaoke Cafe. It was the perfect solution for my current lazy condition. Parents drop off and pick up at the cafe, my house is not turned into a 10-12 year old wasteland and the girls partied like rock stars.
Parents could even watch the party live online...

You can rent out the cafe's party room but it does not have the awesome ambiance that this room has.
And all we had to do was order drinks and appetizers.
Below are all the girls singing 'Happy Birthday' and Ashtyn loving every minute.

We planned a 2.5 hour long party which was great for the girls, but it was a loud crazy 2.5 hours. (I don't know what I was thinking I usually have a 1.5 hour party rule)

Ashtyn's real birthday was on Monday and so we celebrated with dinner at Ashtyn's choice 'The Old Spaghetti Factory' and a few gifts at home. She was so excited for the Just Dance 2 wii game. She is still working on getting Jay to play it with her...(that just might be AFV moment)

I say it with every birthday, but they grow so fast. I have loved watching her grow up. She has such an easy personality. She can talk to anyone about anything. She comes home and tells me everything. I hope she will continue to confide and communicate through these next few years. She is so caring and concerned about everyone around her. She tries so hard to make everyone feel included. Her teachers have all just loved her and her happy attitude about everything. She looks for the positive in everything. Even when we were losing to BSU she was telling me of all the things the team had accomplished and what they should be proud of. She loves being a girl and loves fashion without being too high maintenance. She is such a big help to me and her siblings. She will make having this 4th child so much easier. I am so blessed to have her.


snakeriverwalton said...

I LOVE getting credit for things I didn't really do. looks like it was fun.

Emily Oman said...

Hey, where's the picture of you and me? It's probably better you didn't post it!!! Ashtyn is a pretty great girl!!!