St George on a whim.

After summer camp, the season, the holidays and recruiting, I get pretty excited for Jay to have February Fridays off. Both Jay and I think of enough stuff to do for 3 months of Fridays. So with bunches of options we finally decided Thurs night at 6pm to pack up and head south for some sunshine.

We stayed with Jay's parents and the kids had a blast. Ferrell took them to feed the cows on the little farm behind them.

Feeding the calf with a bottle was so cute.

I grabbed the camera on the way out and had the battery on the charger. I grabbed the battery but for some reason put it down (along with my running shoes) So we only got a few pictures with Jay's I-phone.

Friday Jay went golfing while the kids and I went to the Washington City rec center pool. Golfing and swimming, it was like summer.

When we pulled into St George Jay asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to find this place and I wanted to buy a Steelers sweatshirt for gameday.
(No such luck on the Steelers sweatshirt...that is probably why they lost, I wasn't wearing my black and yellow,black and yellow, black and yellow)
We asked everyone where this fun red rock playground was, I even had Jay text CJane's brother. But it was Jay's niece Caydee who was able to get us there.
Which made up for her spilling 40 ounces of her 44ounce pink lemonade in our car.
It was exactly what I had hoped for. Perfect for exploring and getting energy out. The kids loved finding holes, tunnels, arches and slots. Alayna said she thought she was going to not like the hike but it turned into the best hike EVER! It was beautiful and warm. The sun made my jeans hot and that made me happy.

Jay went golfing again in the afternoon and I took the girls to Brush Fire. They were so excited but unfortunately Brush Fire was in the middle of a move and said we could come back monday :( The girls were disappointed but had great attitudes about it. I took them to Michaels and we found some other projects for them to paint back at the house. They said it was better than the original plan. AND we didn't have to wait a week and figure a way to get our pottery to Salt Lake.

I could live in St George. We love the Parade of Homes down there, the houses are so fun and different from up north. Maybe we will go back in 2 weeks for that. I wouldn't mind a little more sun.

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