I love Valentine's Day.

I am starting to get used to the constant nausea and extreme fatigue of this pregnancy.
I have been wanting to do a few projects, so I was ready to make Valentines with the girls.

I had seen all of these on various web sites and pretty much copied each one. It was great to get a little crafty but not have to come up with the ideas.

I found Ashtyn's idea here, but instead of using the glass bottles of crush, we used cans. A little more kid friendly. She was so excited about them.

She was a little bummed they didn't get to make a box this year, she loved making last years box. But she came home with a cute envelope similar to this one.

Alayna has a thing for water bottle singles. You know, those little packets of sugar... So when I saw this valentine here, I knew it would be for her.

She was required to make a box and as we had left it to the last minute (the night before) I remembered this idea and knew it would be perfect (meaning fast). She painted it and other than cutting out the hole assembled it all her self. I thought is was adorable and was the perfect Alayna box. She has named it and is keeping it as a pet in her room.

And just like everything else, I found Jacob's valentine's idea online here. He loved making and giving Valentine's like his sisters. Although he kept asking if all his friends were going to share their cars with him.

We hung out as a family V-day night with a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and then frosted sugar cookies for some neighbors. I should have snapped a pic of Jay doing the frosting. He was the ace of cookies and here are some of the ones he did. In fact after watching how intense he was on making the 'cute', I let him do ALL the frosting. The girls added a few conversation hearts.

Jay and I celebrated Friday night with a couples massage and hooking up his bowl gift (a TV). Jacob calls it the flying tv, it is mounted pretty high. His v-day gift was a wifi blu ray for movies and netflix in our room. (That man loves movies)
He was very thoughtful in his V-day shopping as well, he surprised us at FHE with a bag of goodies. For the kids, rings and little decorations for their bathroom. For me a book and plaque/picture. He was very thoughtful and so unsuspecting....decorations for the girls bathroom...?go figure.

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Sarah said...

What a bunch of crafty people! Glad your Valentines was great! Love you!