Runts, Runts, Runts.....

When I was pregnant with Jacob, I could not even look at sweets.
Unfortunately with the girls...sweets are what I reach for first.
Mostly fruity ones.
About 2 weeks ago I really wanted some runts and looked for them at the store I was at and no such luck.
The next day I looked again and no runts. So I made a special stop at Maverik.
Now I was on a mission.
JoAnns, nope.
Target, nope.
Lowes, nope. (they have a few candy bars at the checkout)
Hobby Lobby, nope
Back to Maverik and sent Jay searching, nope
Smiths, NO RUNTS.
I was having a serious hankering and knowing I couldn't have them was making it worse.
I was almost to the point of finding them online, cuz you can find anything online right?

Well last night I was picking up pictures from Wal-greens and as I have started doing at every store, looked AND found theater size boxes of runts.
I exercised great control and did not buy the entire stock of them and left with only 3 boxes.
I have already mowed through 1 box...

And just so you know, I really love the chewy runts as well. I was craving the regular runts more this time but would have taken the chewy one but in my search they are still MIA.

*Note* When I brought them home, he remembered he had found them and bought me some for V-day, but couldn't remember where he put them....I can't wait till they surface, it will be happy day.

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Lindsey said...

That's hilarious because I was the same way with my girls. Except I wanted Smarties, and shoot, you can find those everywhere. But my real craving was Chewy Gobstoppers! Try those! :)