Thank you Presidents!

My nephew posted on FB a Thank You to the Presidents for giving him a long weekend. I too give a shout out to the Presidents for giving us a long weekend. We loved every minute!

First of all, 3 weeks ago...
I won tickets to the Monster Jam!
I NEVER win anything, so I was thrilled.
AND just a month ago, I tried to talk Jay into going when it was the Maverik Center but it didn't happen.
The girls were not too excited but once they heard the roar of the engines they couldn't help but think it was awesome.
It was loud and super cool to see trucks, like El Toro Loco and Gravedigger.
The intermission or half time(not sure what it is called) entertainment had snowmobiles on the dirt jumps. It was crazy how they could get the snowmachines so high and flip them.
The girls were sure Uncle Chad should have been there to see it.
Saturday was spent painting the rest of the stairwell and entire upstairs hall and playroom.
The kids played with each other and it was so funny to listen to them. Jacob was playing barbies and was making sure the girls were coming and sitting quietly in his barbie FHE.
Ashtyn was telling her sister 'in the game' how she wished she was more fashionable...but just 'in the game....'
Jay and I had some good laughs listening to them play as we painted.
I wanted a color that would warm up the walls a little but not be too far from the original, just in case we weren't able to get the ENTIRE house done. There really is no stopping point when the stairwell runs into the ceiling and all the walls down stairs. Eventually (meaning in the next 2 years?) we will probably paint the rest of the main floor.
JSYK, since we have moved in we have painted every room in this house minus the upstairs bathroom, kitchen, laundry and 2 of the living room walls.

Because the kids were so patient while we painted on Saturday we rewarded them with a fun-filled Monday.

We started with a matinée of
in 3D. (Don't love the 3D thing?) but it was a pretty cute movie.

Then for some long over due energy release at Kangaroo Zoo with the Emily and her family.
It was awesome to watch every one of the sprint from bounce house to bounce slide getting red in the face. By the end Jacob was wet head to toe from sweat. Jeans and a sweatshirt, not ideal.
But even after a couple hours they were all still running from bounce to bounce.
Not sure who the creeper kid is but she wanted to be in the picture...I missed her smile and pose but she had one.
Finished off the day with dinner at the Red Iguana -- Yum!

The best part of the weekend (and my secret goal) was to wear out the kids.
Mission accomplished.


Jamie Whittingham said...

Jay helps you paint? Now that is a nice idea.

SKH said...

He helps me paint ONLY when I have been pregnant. Otherwise it is a NO WAY! He knew Me on the ladder with my fabulous pregnant coordination would be a disaster...He tried to hire his nephew and con his sister into doing it for him without any luck...