The Cutter Monster and other terrors

A while ago Jacob came into our bedroom in the middle of the night in sheer terror. He was so upset that he was past tears. Franticly telling me the "gutter monster" was going to get him. Over and over I heard the 'gutter monster' mom, he is going to get me. I repeated 'gutter?' over and over asking what this 'gutter monster' was going to do? He replied now with some tears, "He is going to cut me and I don't want him to cut you mommy" That is when Jay giggled a little in his sleep at my lack of understanding. The whole time he was telling me of the CUTTER Monster. I wondered why after 15 times of me repeating gutter, Jay didn't just correct me and say cutter Sara, he is saying cutter....?
So we calmed him down, snuggled him and got him back to bed.

For the next weeks he would tell me about the cutter monster and how scary he was. I would ask what he looked like but he was unable to articulate a description until he saw this cookie tin.
"Mom there is the Cutter Monster. See he spins like this..." motioning a table saw like motion.

A few days later we were at the Wood Connection and after finding a clerk to tell her he has lost his mom, (bonus mom points) he found this unfinished leaf and with a terrified excitement yelled "the Cutter Monster!"
Again he showed me how he spins to cut and scare. Feeling a little weird and not sure why, I proceeded to buy it. Why did I want a reminder of something so frightening to him?

Once it made it's way into our house Alayna got a hold of it and gave it a cheery personality. And Jacob has not since had any "Cutter Monster" dreams....
He HAS since had other nightmares or night terrors.
Screaming (with his eyes open) of bees everywhere in his blankets
Blue things in his bed
and another nightmare that he couldn't quite explain.

He tells any listening ears that he had a bad dream...

JSYK (just so you know) I never even started the St Patricks Day Wood decoration I bought while at the Wood Connection....I guess there will always be next year eh?


Anthony said...

My Blakers gets nite terrors too ... they suck! we've found that a quick way to 'shock' them out of it is to take them outside. The cold/hot air is enough of a difference from inside it gets them to wake up and end the terror (otherwise they last waaayyy too long for screaming in the middle of the night). Good luck! BTW I saw the little thing on the side that said you've only got 47 more days left ... this pregnancy has gone by FAST (for me at least)!

Anthony said...

BTW that is me, Tami, it just posted under Tony's a acct. Sorry!