Speaking of Cuts....

One morning before school, Ashtyn was yelling for me to come upstairs.
I have a pretty strict mom policy of not responding to kids yelling through the house. If you want to talk to me you find me and talk without yelling.

Well...this was one of those exceptions...I realized that this was more than just a where is my other sock holler....

She had opened her closet door with the cute knobs from Hobby Lobby and the ceramic knob split right off deeply cutting two of her fingers.
I was a little nervous when I got to the bathroom... I don't do blood but the adrenaline was there and poor Ashtyn was white as a ghost with blood everywhere. Trying to calm her down and get color back into her I told her it would be fine. We bandaged her up and I told her to just go to school and see how it felt.

On the way I decided to take her up to her dad and have the trainers look at it. Mostly because I didn't do a whole lot of cleaning it out, checking to make sure any pieces of the ceramic was still in there or look at it very closely. Once we got to the facility, the adrenaline had wore off and I didn't want to see any more flapping skin or blood. I was the one turning white... The trainer cleaned it and put some fabric stitches over the cuts which made Ashtyn breath a sigh of relief. She was very worried to get stitches. Although looking back She could have used 2 or 3 because of the position and depth of the cut I think her scar could easily reopen. She was tough and learned that you can still do a lot with hurt fingers.

She had been working on not biting her nails and we had planned to get her a manicure, but with her sore fingers that had to be put off until just last week. We finally came through and she got a lovely bright green manicure. No pics though, she is has done amazing at overcoming her biting habit but keeping polish on for more than 1 or 2 days is still a work in progress...Next time I will have to be quicker with the camera and get pics while getting the manicure.

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