Spring Dance Recital 2011

Alayna made a conscious decision to make sure she gave it her all this performance.
She would come home from practice so proud that Miss Lisa told her how she has the best smile.
And she does.
I could watch this performance a million times.
Jay went to observation night and the rehearsal day because I was out of town both times. It was so wonderful that his schedule allowed for that. Since I had not yet seen the dances I did not know where to sit to get a good shot of my girls for either performance. Next time I will make sure to get in a better spot.

Missing the observation night and rehearsal made me even more excited to see their performances. I knew Ashtyn was performing two of my favorite songs. Our 2010 summer theme song Waka Waka and one I played in orchestra, Aaron Copland's Hoedown.
You can tell she is having fun in both of these songs.

And then there is the Finale.

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