Where were you when...

A few nights ago we were in bed. I was browsing facebook on Jay's Ipad, I read post after post that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. I told Jay to flip to the news. He was busy searching Netflix, but eventually clicked over and on the 10 o'clock news, the facebook statuses were confirmed.

I remember Jay calling me on 9-11 to turn on the tv.
We lived in south Salt Lake in our little grey house.
Ashtyn was still asleep and I was in complete shock.
In the following days watching the patriotism was surreal.
Enormous flags were painted on multiple cul de sacs near us.
Cars with american flags attached to the windows,
Trucks with full size flags in their beds.
I could not wait the few weeks for General Conference that Oct.
Which has changed my anticipation for General Conference ever since.
I still think twice whenever I hear a plane or helicopter over head.
I will never forget the first time hearing a plane after 9-11...

Ashtyn came to me while I was in Alaynas room and said, "Did you hear there was a really bad guy in Egypt or somewhere who was shot dead?" "He did lots of bad things." As I was about to say yes, Alayna jumped in with the brightest smile of unbelief and sheer joy saying "Satan is dead!?!"

It took me back for a second. I never had thought of satan ceasing to exist
and for one moment I caught her excitement of how wonderful that would be.

Ashtyn is old enough to understand and semi remember 9-11 but Alayna, not so much since she wasn't even born. BUT now she can remember 5-1-11 as the day 'satan died'. (At least one of his followers died)

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