Keeping Memories and Priorities

I don't want to forget...
I don't want my kids to forget...
I want my grandchildren to know...

Some of the reasons I keep coming back to this blog and leaving snippets of life as a Hill.
We get busy.....crazy busy....

But I am learning, if I do NOT write it down there is ZERO chance of me remembering.

For example introducing some of the football players at the fireside. I was told their names 4-5 times and I still forgot one :(

If I write it down at least I know where I can go to find those memories.

So what makes our life crazy busy right now?

Ashtyn made Sr. Starlettes of Murray Community Dance (a very reasonable dance company. 2 hours a week, tap and ballet. great instruction for someone who wants to dance but has no desire to perform with ballet west.) Piano (I love their new teacher). West Jordan Youth Theater Production of Cinderella 3 times a week for 2-4 hours and Activity Days.

Alayna is on 2 soccer teams, one plays games on Tuesday and another one on Saturday. Throw in a 90 min practice for each team Wednesday and Friday....Piano lessons, Dance on Thursday and she is sufficiently over scheduled. BUT is learning to manage her time and doesn't have much time to find mischief. She absolutely loves to play soccer and with 3 hours of practice each week she is getting very good.

Jacob started preschool 2 days a week and is playing on a soccer team as well. His practice is only 60 mins once a week. Still a little crazy for 3-4 year olds. BUT at their most recent game they were all scoring left and right. I would have said absolutely not to signing him up, but Jacob really needs to be around BOYS and BOYS his age.

As for Allie (who is an angel), she has yet to have a nap that has NOT been either started in the car or ended short by being put into her car seat. She doesn't seem to mind too much

Me besides stopping to feed Allie every 3-4 hours, I am trying to keep up on laundry, mowing, weeding, cleaning, helping with homework, cooking dinner, and failing most days. I also started crossfit. Something I have been so excited to start since before getting pregnant with Allie. I love it.

We are in the thick of football season. We don't see Jay as much as we would like. It is crazy how much I miss him during the day. I love when he gets home and tells me about his day. He always has something funny that happened or an interesting story. I love the few minutes of conversation before we both crash from exhaustion.

I was getting pretty good at having my camera with me at all time for blogging purposes but my current stage is trying to remember diapers, wipes, binkies, shin guards, play script, water bottles.....Even if I do have my camera, it doesn't get pulled out as often. My hands are kind of full holding a baby, tying shoes, putting straws into capri suns, wiping noses and bums....

We made it to the cabin twice this summer and Grandma Kern kept telling that she did NOT feel sorry for me (Having to wake up to feed a baby, tending to 4 kids etc...) She instead said she was envious....
I know I am in a fantastic stage right now and I really want to enjoy it. And even more as the time flies I want to remember it.

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