Our weekend checklist

Last year Josie and her daughter Emily participated in the Boise Women's Celebration 5K. They had so much fun that they invited us all to go this year. I have been looking forward to this race for months now. Mostly because it was a weekend with family where we all grew up and haven't been for years!

We left late Thursday night and combined cars (thanks to Chad for renting us one that would fit Mine and Emily's crew). We got to Josie's about 10:30 but of course stayed up laughing til much later than that.

When I got in Josie's car, I saw the list her daughter had made of everything she wanted to check off throughout the weekend. I kind of wish I would have stuck it in my purse to post.It was pretty sweet boxes for the check marks and everything.
I think we all had lists...We crammed in every minute with fun, friends and family.

Here are most of the things on our check list.....

visit Erica and her new twins. CHECK!

Josie and I:
pick up her kids and drop the boys off at Blake's work. CHECK!

take a HUGE sigh of relief, having just the girls with no wandering ball of endless energy bouncing around like a Tasmanian devil. CHECK!

have the time of his life hanging with Jack and Sam, watching the tractors at Blake's work, fixing the riding lawn mower (or combine as he calls it) and watching spider man cartoons. CHECK!

All Girls:
Pick up packets at the Women's show...Make sure to get food, freebies, feathers for the girl's hair, cupcakes, skin evaluations..... CHECK!

Cheesecake Factory for dinner, meet BFFs Sarah and Erica CHECK!
(Erica was brave and brought her almost 3 year old and 8 week old twins. Combine that with our crew and we were quite the circus. "Uh, table for 14"....9 children 3 of them infants. Our server was awesome and so patient while we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It is awesome to be able to just pick up where we left off. It is NOT awesome to forget to take pictures of these friends and their beautiful children. {frown}

Go to mall to speed shop and take pics in the photo booth CHECK!

Go to hotel for swimming and a movie. CHECK!

Emily M. was so thrilled that the pool had a movie screen so you could watch a movie and swim at the same time BUT even better, last year she was in the play Charlotte's Web and that was the movie showing. So as a this year came around she is in the play Pinocchio and wouldn't that be great if the movie they were playing this year was Pinocchio. Well.....it was. I still think maybe Josie made a phone call??? What are the odds?

Shuttle cars last minute, to make a quick and smooth departure. CHECK!

Allie: wake up at 1:30am and 4:30am to eat making sure to smile lots and making the sweet coos and noises possible so mom doesn't even mind the 6:30am alarm. CHECK!

All Girls: Run/Walk the womens 5K. CHECK!
Josie took the big girls and ran in the purple wave. They did awesome setting goals of running from stop sign to stop sign or speed bumps and helping Kennedy keep up. Emily, Sarah G. and I had to walk our wheels....No running with strollers. Taylor and Allie got great naps in the perfect fall weather.

Get really homesick for Boise. Wish that one day we all some how end up back in the "Treasure Valley" CHECK!

Purchase donations for the Ronald McDonald House. CHECK!

Take Donations to Ronald McDonald House and take a tour. CHECK!

Consultation with the best esthetician (Sarah) and assisted shopping at Sephora. CHECK!

Visit with the WillowBrook crew. CHECK!
Enjoy and soak in every minute of a wonderful afternoon with family. CHECK!

Cry a few tears (or a lot of tears) CHECK!

Get piercings and tattoos.....uh just kidding, Emily M. gets her ears pierced. CHECK!

Book it back to Twin Falls pick up Jacob sleep a few hours and then home to make the primary program. CHECK!

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Sarah said...

SO glad you came! I miss you so much! It was a blast being with you guys! Thanks for being the best friend a girl could have! Love ya!

P.S. Do you like your makeup?